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Born in New York, Alexander has forty years experience in the Interior Design Industry.Having had offices in New York and Los Angeles, as well as Dallas, his work has encompassed such varied projects as art direction in film and music videos, corporate and residential projects, and theater set design. He has studied various artistic media, including encaustic techniques, oil and acrylic painting, figurative life drawing, and collage assemblage for over fifteen years.


I love the human figure.  Having sketched from models as long as I can remember,  I began to understand at some point, that the human form becomes more interesting for me when it devolves - or evolves - into something more abstract or mysterious.


Whether working with collage, pastels, silhouettes, mono prints or charcoal drawings, my work is a creative exploration into texture, design, color and themes. The pieces begin to tell a story. Ultimately, the human form is at the center of those stories, in all its fragile mutability and beauty.



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6445 Cedar Springs Suite 103

Dallas, Texas 75235


A  R  T  I  S  T


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