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All of my work stems from years of studying color theory, the play of color against color, and the tonal qualities of light and dark.
The power of black and white is the ultimate diffusion of color into its’ extremes.  In these series, I play with silhouette in a more drastic
juxtaposing way.  

The top series is called The Gallery.  Painted figures pose in front of a white scrim which suggests art that they are viewing.  Inspired by 
the classic cut out silhouettes of the Victorian era, these painted figures become a more modern take on body language, clothing and context (or the lack thereof!)

Woodlands again places painted black shapes - limbs which twist and spike - over a white plain - rendering a jagged natural grid in which 
a few faeries seem to reside.  As much as I loved the stark natural tarp of woven limbs, a story always seems to want to be suggested.  
Ergo, the hidden figures - giving the viewer another theatrical plot to consider. 

The figurative collages are part of the virtues series taken to the black and white end of the spectrum, as well as three larger more cubist
studies of figures and shapes woven throughout a stark, blocky and undulating field of deep grey tones.  These pieces were built up with 
time and became more substantial in body and theme, with mono print backgrounds, collage, painted and drawn surfaces.  They are 
larger and represent a more complex world of ideas and themes - even perhaps the anxiety of our times. 

A  R  T  I  S  T


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